Tips and Tools

Essential food preparation tools:

  • Cuisinart Smart Stick:  This immersion blender is an amazingly simple way to puree most foods. And it cleans easily, too. Just be careful when using it with hot food so that you don't get burned.   Also, be certain that it is entirely submersed in the food or it will spatter.  One of the first times I used it, I made the mistake of not having enough food to cover it completely and it spattered green vegetables all over my walls.  "Going green" took on a whole new meaning for me!  Also, this immersion blender won't work very well if there is not enough liquid in the contents.
  • Pyrex 4-cup glass measuring container:   This is the perfect container to use with the Smart Stick immersion blender.  It is deep enough to fully submerse the Smart Stick and it allows me to measure the product so I can calculate nutrition information accurately.
  • Blender:   I have a Hamilton Beach blender that has a high and low setting and a setting for puree.   It is the tool I use most often for smoothies or for ingredients that have ample amounts of liquid, such as cucumber.
  • Magic Bullet:  This is an amazing tool to puree single or double serving portions.  It does a remarkably great job of pureeing even fibrous food like kale or blueberries.  And there is no waste of the food at the bottom.  It cleans easily and quickly.  It doesn't require much counter space and is light enough that I have even taken it with me to other people's homes.  The cost is quite reasonable, as well.
  • VitaMix.  Wow.  This appliance readily turns even the most fibrous food into a smooth creamy texture, and easily handles ice, as well.  It is most useful for making larger portions, otherwise too much is lost in the bottom of the container.  Cleaning is accomplished by putting a small amount of dish soap in the container and turning on the machine, then rinsing it out.  The VitaMix does require more counter space and is expensive, but when pureeing food is my daily routine, it is great to have the tools I need.  
  • Food Processor:   My husband purchased a General Electric food processor in the early 1980's at the MN State Fair, and it still works!  

Tips for Time Saving:   The special preparations required for my meals are time consuming, and my health fluctuates daily, so it is important to think of any time saving measures I can.  Here are a few that have worked for me:
  • Make large quantities of items, and portion them into single serving containers to freeze for later use.  I label them with masking tape indicating the food item, carbohydrate count, and date frozen.  
  • Use a simple recipe in a variety of ways.  What is a pureed spread one day can become a soup the next day by simply adding broth or tofu or yogurt. 
  • Give the favorite recipes to friends who are willing to cook for me when I am not feeling well and I don't have anything stored in the freezer.  I discovered that friends truly want to know specifically how they can help in times of need, and this has been a tremendous act of love from them.
  • Ginger is something I frequently use in soups and juices, and it can be cut into slices and frozen.