Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home from the Hospital

Lake Superior Shore Jan. 2012 
For my followers who have been wondering why there have not been any recent posts, I was in the hospital from December 31, 2012, through January 8, 2013.  I am home now and hope to post some new recipes soon.   

When asked how I am, my response is "grateful".  Incredibly grateful.  Grateful to be home; grateful for Julie for her comfort, love and calming presence; grateful for my husband who supports and loves me no matter what circumstances this cancer bring into our lives; grateful to special nurses who made my stay at the hospital more pleasant; grateful to my health care team for their vigilant care and attentiveness.   Grateful for memories of my time with Tom on the shores of Lake Superior one year ago.  

I am also grateful for you, my followers, who inspire me and energize me with a purpose.  I hope to post some recipes I tried in December for main entrees for soft protein, like salmon loaf, crab cakes, and tuna loaf. 

Lake Superior Shore January 2012