Food Challenges

As a result of neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer, my food needs to be:

Pureed:  The general guideline given by my gastroenterologist is that if the food doesn't easily dissolve in my gastric juices (i.e. crackers, cereal, bread do dissolve), then it needs to be soft enough to squeeze through a toothpaste tube.  Fruits and vegetables, in particular, need to be pureed to minimize the likelihood of intestinal blockage, except for very soft fruits such as bananas.  I can also tolerate ground meats, soft fish, as well as tofu, etc.

Low-fat:  Though I take prescription-level digestive enzymes with each meal and snack, fats are not easily tolerated and often create digestive distress (that is my polite way of saying a lot of diarrhea!).  Coconut oil is an exception because it is a medium-chain triglyceride that is more easily digested.  Small amounts of olive oil are also manageable for me. 

Dairy-free:  It is common after pancreatic surgery to become intolerant of dairy products, unless they are cultured, such as yogurt and kefir.  Cultured cheeses like ricotta, cottage cheese, and parmesan are also tolerable in small amounts, .

Carbohydrate balanced:  I am now insulin dependent, so I need to know how many carbohydrates the foods contain.

Nourishing:  Boosting my immune system every day is my goal.

Tasty: Delicious food nourishes a sense of well-being and enjoyment of life!